Meeting the learning needs of your students and the welfare of teachers

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  1. The welfare of teachers should be a top priority for all governments

Teachers often complain about their poor conditions of service and their overall welfare situation. They have been several calls on governments, both past and present to attend to the welfare needs of students. Even though commendable policies such as the Single Spine Salary Structure are currently being implemented to make the lives of teachers better, there are still a lot of gaps to be filled and work to be done in ensuring that the standards of living of most teachers are bettered. Our interactions with Teacher Tappers this week re-echoed teachers’ grievances on the issue of welfare and the need for all governments, past, present, and future to hold bettering the lives of teachers in the nation in high esteem. This we believe will go a long way to improve the affairs of the nation as teachers play a pivotal role in nation-building.

  1. Meeting the individual learning needs of students is a herculean task

Students generally have different needs. It is not so much of an anomaly because human beings have different capabilities in diverse fields. This truth, however, presents a challenge to educators all over the world as they do not only have to identify, but also meet the different learning needs of their students. This week, our survey with our users amplified how challenging it can be for teachers to meet the learning needs of their students with 91% responding in the affirmative to the aforementioned topic. It is imperative that teachers are equipped and given the necessary help and support to be able to attend to the different learning needs of students.

  1. Most schools do not have special support programs for students with special learning needs

Special learning needs refer to the learning difficulties that make it harder for children to learn than most children of the same age. Children with special learning needs are likely to need extra or different help from that given to other children their age. This week, we sought to find out if schools in Ghana have special support programs for students with special needs. 63% of our respondents indicated that their schools didn’t have such programs while 31% indicated otherwise. It should be noted that students with special learning needs can be greatly helped if the necessary and proper structures are put in place to help them improve on their learning abilities. In light of this, we would like to urge school heads, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders to collaborate efforts into developing programs and whatnots that will be geared towards getting the best out of students with special needs.

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